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What would happen if all of the churches closed their doors for one Sunday and went out to minister to people just as Jesus and all of his disciples ministered? Who are we to tell people to come to us? Why can’t we go to them?

Yes, it is good to fellowship with people with your beliefs. But bond together in brotherly love and not vain glory. What good is it to have “church” and only “minister” to the same people over and over?

What about Monique, a self confessed prostitute with several children? When she was told that Jesus loves her, all she could do was fight back tears. “I only hear ‘I love you’ from my children. They gotta love me. I’m they momma.” Monique wants to experience God’s love but everyone in her neighborhood knows her occupation. She can’t go to the church. They’ll judge her.
Pam was on the Homecoming Court in high school. She made it to graduation but married a man who beat her. She lost sight in her left eye. She keeps to herself, avoiding crowds at all cost.

Shirley has always been talkative and quick to voice her opinion about almost everything. When asked to talk about herself, she shuts down. In her 52 years on this earth, she has spent 27 of them going in and coming out of mental institutions. Do you know Jesus, Shirley? “Yeah, he’s that white man in the picture.”

How do we get to these people if we are sitting in our buildings week after week basking in our own vain glory? We call it praising God…giving God the glory. Really? How does God get the glory from you obtaining yet another title from your church? What glory does God receive by you calling yourself ‘Doctor’ or ‘Bishop’ or ‘Evangelist’? Especially when you sit on your title after you’ve earned it.

You are in charge of this program and that in your church. You can raise this much money for this department and that. Your congregation adores you. Your church organization respects you and sends you across the world to annual conventions and meetings.

Meanwhile, Pam, Shirley and Monique die unsaved and unaware that “by grace through faith” (Eph. 2:8-9) they could have been saved. They could have experienced a love greater than no other.

What do you plan to say to our Father on judgment day? What will you tell Him when he asks:

“They died on your watch. Where were you?”

“Lord, I was in church.”

My lovely brothers and sisters, sealed unto the day of redemption, called by Christ himself. Let’s not be selfish. Let’s take our honored position and share the good news.

Mark 16:15
And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.