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Some of my more conservative acquaintances give me funny looks when I say I like Pink (the pop singer). Sometimes I think she is the more liberal, paler version of myself. If you are not familiar with this artist, I’ll give you a brief description. She is the blonde pop singer who pretty much rejected the typical Hollywood and music industry image that was given to her and decided to go her own way. Her record label had tried to make her like Brittany Spears, plastic surgeries, dolly images and all. But Pink refused to conform and stayed true to herself. She is a white girl with the short blonde hair, no implants and short skirts. Her music is mostly about what she feels and believes. And once Pink decided to be true to herself, her music career exploded. She is now a multimillionaire!

Now, as most of you know, I am not a multimillionaire. I am not a blonde. But what I like about this woman is that she in a way, represents what we Christians should do in our own lives. One of my favorite Pink songs is the radio version of Raise Your Glass. Check out the lyrics:

Raise your glass if you are wrong

in all the right ways

all my underdogs

we will never be, never be

anything but loud

and nitty gritty

dirty little freaks

Won’t you come on, come on and

raise your glass

Just come on and come on and

raise your glass

See, that look on your face right there…is the same look I get when I say this to my conservative Christian friends! But please do, allow me to explain.

I am not all for hard partying and drinking as this may imply. But what I gather from this song is to forget trying to fit in. Don’t you dare allow anyone to steal your joy! Do not conform!

The problem with many of us is that we can’t accept being the “underdog”. We have to be on top. We have to be with the “in” crowd….even if it means selling our very soul. Too many churches have compromised the gospel of Jesus Christ in efforts to fit in. They are more interested in trying to get along with the world. They are more interested in making deals with the devil in exchange for a large building, lots of wealthy members, a cool band and a nice paycheck. They are willing and have chosen to conform to this world.

Romans 12:2

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

 Some of us try to justify our wrong by saying it is for the sake of peace. What peace will one find on this earth except in Christ Jesus?

Some say, we all worship the same God. My God, my Father would not agree with me holding hands with someone while they pray to the universe or the “blessed mother Mary”. My God is a jealous God. He will not have any other God before Him. And by the way, dear heart, if your God is not the Jesus Christ of Nazareth who died on the cross and rose from the dead after three days for your sins, it is not the same God. If fact, your god is not GOD.

Exodus 34:14

For thou shalt worship no other god: for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God:

We have decided to embrace homosexuality as the new normal. We have allowed it in our churches and homes as if it is okay. Now, I will say that homosexuals should be welcome in the church. They, like anyone else, should be afforded the right to the gospel. Let’s be clear, this lifestyle is not of God. (I fully intend to touch more on this subject later. Stay tuned) But the church has welcomed this sin into our fellowship to the point where gay men and women are openly leading churches now. And because the world says it is okay, we keep our mouths shut. Again, we have taken the price that Jesus Christ paid for us and marked it REDUCED.

I understand what it is like to be willing to compromise oneself for the affections of another. I once had a guy tell me that he would be more attracted to me if I got implants, wore glasses and wore my hair a certain way. If any of you know me, you know that my first instinct was to rebuke him and tell him where he could go. But what did I do?

I conformed.

I did not get the implants. But I did change my hair. I bought the little reading glasses and tried them. I never told him, but I did it.

Why? I forgot this verse.

Psalms 139:14

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

 I really liked the guy. So, I wanted to fit into his mold. I had forgotten about the mold that God had already custom made for me. I forgot about that person whom God loved and I loved. I wanted this person to love me. I was willing to compromise myself and my self worth to get that love. So, I wore the glasses and the hair for a little while. One morning, I looked in the mirror with those glasses (I could barely see with them) and I didn’t see myself. Where was my ponytail? Where was my red highlighted hair? Where was my vision? I became so angry with myself. I snatched the glasses off and crushed them under my heels. I was so ashamed of what I had done. It had taken me years to grow to love myself. Now I was willing to throw all of that away and change. No way. So, I repented.

Conforming to this world leaves you feeling empty. It never satisfies you because you know in your heart that this person you have become or trying to become is not you. You know in your spirit that this person or thing or idea that you are trying to accept in your holy walk with the Father, is not right. Sooner or later, you will either repent or conform completely, thereby, loosing the battle. Beloveth please do not allow this to happen. Do not allow the enemy to win over you and your powerful soul! God loves you. God chose you. As born again Christians, we are to offer ourselves up to only further God’s kingdom. God wants us to stand up and stand out in the crowd. Not fade away into it.

Romans 12:1

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

 I, for one, am proud to say that I don’t want to be popular. I don’t care about conforming to a world that is not my home. I may be a dirty little freak to all of those who follow the crowd. But, that’s okay. What truly matters is that Jesus Christ made me and you beautifully and wonderfully. It is His opinion of us that counts. It is His judgment of us that will decide our fate. So, my dear Christ centered brothers and sisters, join me as we proudly raise our glasses.