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I am a little fed up with religion and the laws thereof. Let’s get something straight right now!
Fact 1. Jesus Christ died for your sins and ALL of them..the ones you committed today, yesterday and 10 years from now. So, there is no need to keep asking for forgiveness! He already gave it to you! Did you hear it the first time?(This reminds me of the first time I discovered the Dollar Tree as a little girl. I couldn’t believe that EVERYTHING was $1. So, I kept asking the clerk, “How much is this?” and she would respond with an amused grin “$1.00.” I couldn’t believe my luck so I went kept going back to her and asking to make sure. Soon, she began irritated. Her smile faded and her tone became shorter and shorter. I finally caught on and stopped asking.)

A lot of us are this way with our salvation. It is too hard to believe that salvation is a GIFT from God. You cannot earn it. You cannot buy it. He’s not going to take it back! So, stop asking for forgiveness. You already have it!

Fact 2. You cannot lose your gift of salvation. So, stop letting people tell you that you have to go and “get saved” over and over again. What is that anyway? Once you trust that Jesus Christ died for your sins and you need not do anything to earn that gift, you are SAVED. Period. Case closed. It is permanent. You can’t do a thing to loose it (regardless of how many sins you commit). Oh and here’s the caveat I know some are thinking and some have voiced to me. Once saved always saved gives people an excuse to do bad things. First of all, if you’re thinking this way…hmm. Second, saved individuals give honor to God. We appreciate our gift and treasure it. If someone gave you a precious jewel as a gift, would you write on it? No way! You would wear it and take care of it. It may get bumped while you wear it etc. But these things happen. That’s life on this vile earth. It does not mean, you appreciate it any less. It does not mean you loose possession of it either.

Fact 3. The Bible (KJV preferred) was not entirely written to us! If you try to apply everything in it today, you would be lost! The entire Bible was written for us to get to know God and where we come from. But our instructions come from the epistles of the disciple chosen by Jesus Christ to teach us, Paul, in Romans through Philemon. If you have to have a rulebook. There it is. Jesus tells us (through Paul) to rightly divide the word of truth. Divide means to separate. Separate the letters and rules that were for Israel (the Jewish of the Old Testament and part of the New) from what is written to you. Have you ever opened a piece of mail that was addressed to someone else? Did you read it? Did you understand what it meant. No? Exactly. The Bible gives many instructions. Some may seem to contradict others. Malachi tells someone they must pay a tithe and not just any tithe, a certain percentage. 2 Corinthians says give what is purposed in your heart. Which one is it? I’ll give you this one. Malachi is not YOUR mail.

God’s chosen people Israel were given a promise. They were God’s chosen people. But after so many failures to obey on their part, God temporarily set them aside.

1. They rejected God and the law in the Old Testament
2. They rejected Jesus Christ
3. They rejected the Holy Ghost with the stoning of Stephen. (Acts 7)

God set old Israel aside and offered the dispensation of grace to everyone, both Jew and Gentile. Before this, Gentile (everyone who is not Israel) were saved and adopted into the promise by blessing Israel. But now in the dispensation of grace, anyone can be saved just by trusting in Jesus Christ’s death, burial and resurrection for your sins. SIMPLE. No additives.

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